Activity 7: Marketing Your New Extra-solar Planets

In this activity you will create two informational advertisements for imaginary planets that will be described in an Interstellar Real Estate brochure. The planets that you select must orbit a star outside our Solar System. Each planet brochure must include the following information:

  • Planet Name
  • Distance from Host Star in AU
  • Mass (in terms of Earth masses)
  • Radius (in terms of Earth radii)
  • Neighborhood Information including, Host Star name, spectral type, temperature, Moons (if any), and related information

One of the planets you propose must be able to support Earth-like life and the other must not, but could possibly have a moon that could support life.

Advertisements should include a picture and provide detailed information in a way that makes their planet desirable for prospective buyers. This can be created using posters, pamphlets, or web pages according to the specifications provided by the teacher.

Once all the planet advertisements have been created, each student group should generate a list of all the possible new locations for Earth-like life.