Mars Quest
The Task
Roles and Description
The Process Conclusion

It is the year 2025.  Terris T. Rialle, Director of Interplanetary Travel, has just hired your team as travel guides.  Interplanetary travel has become very popular and you see a great future in this business. You want to provide travelers with the best information you can and plan to become a leader in your field.

The Task

You will provide travel guidance to interplanetary travelers. You must ensure that travelers know enough about Mars to plan well, to know the best spots to visit, and at what time of year to visit them. You must become experts on Mars, so you can knowledgeably compare and contrast at most three possible resort locations on Mars to your customers. You need to know how to help travelers have safe and pleasant journeys and provide information they will need about Mars, about what they should take (raincoats, pressure suits, gravity shoes, sunglasses, sun screen, beach towels, snow skis, etc.) and what activities to expect (i.e. spelunking, rock climbing, snow skiing, swimming, sand sailing, etc.).  You could create a book, brochure, slide presentation, mural , TV commercial, an infomercial, or an interactive web site, that will provide this and other information for your clients traveling to Mars.


A few years ago SpaceQuest launched several interplanetary probes. At this time there are rovers in operation on the Martian surface. These will be important resources for this Quest. In addition, you have special access to NASA data collected during their recent missions to Mars. Your challenge is to make the best use of the SpaceQuest probes, Internet resources, and NASA data to create a Martian Travel Guide. If you succeed in this Mission, Terris. T. Rialle has assured you of a bright future creating interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic travel guides. 

Team Roles and Assignments
Meteorologists Your weather eyes will find out about the daily weather and seasonal information for Mars. 
Geologists Your "down to Earth" perspective will provide information on Martian soil and land forms.
Mission Specialists Your knowledge of NASA Missions provides insight into NASA's exploratory missions to Mars. 
Journalists/ Reporters With your nose for news and your gift for gab, you will sniff out all the important NASA press releases about Mars and report them in The Martian Travel Guide. 
Historians Your knowledge of art, music, and literature brings a voice from the past to tell the stories and show us pictures of how Earthlings saw Mars before telescopes and space travel. 
Graphic Designers With your artful eye you will decide how all the pieces fit together and how the travel guide will look. 

The Process

  • Divide the class into six groups of equal size. 
  • Each group will be assigned a role.
  • Select a group leader.
  • Each group will visit its related link.
  • Each group will create an action plan.
  • Each group must follow the established class timeline when deciding each group member's responsibilities.
  • Begin quest (research, collect and organize data, design a product, prepare to publish, present). 
  • Final product is due


You've finished and presented the Martian Travel Guide with your recommendations to Dr. Terris T. Rialle. What recommendations do you make to travelers to Mars? What have you learned to see in pictures and images? 

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