Module 5: Interiors & More


So far all our activities using image processing software have been instructor directed. Until now you have been engaged in a linear progression of tasks designed to help you learn to use image processing software. For the image processing activity as part of this module, we will provide some basic guidelines for the activity, but the nature of your investigation will be inquiry based, with each individual deciding on its own specific goals.

Since one of the topics covered this module is how the interior of a world determines whether a planet has a magnetic field, the focus of the image processing activity will be on one of the phenomena related to magnetic fields, aurora. For this activity you will conduct a image processing activity designed to measure and compare aspects of terrestrial and Jovian aurorae.

Decide on how you will use the image processing software to achieve the stated purpose of the assignment: To measure and compare aspects of terrestrial and Jovian aurorae. You will need to also write two performance objectives related to your project. You MUST share your performance objectives with your team by the end of the first week, so that you may help each other out with constructing these. The internet reading on performance objectives discusses using appropriate levels of Bloom's taxonomy as well as making sure your objectives are aligned with both your instructional events and assessment. Then, decide on your procedures, carry out your investigation and report your results.

Resources you will find helpful in completing this investigation include:

However, do not feel limited to these resources. You may find additional ones you like better, but these are certainly good options, should you desire.

You may want to check out this NASA activity for use with students.

Individually, each person will submit a summary that includes:

A. The performance objectives for your activity

B. The procedures for your investigation

C. The results for your inquiry

To receive full credit you MUST share your performance objectives and procedures with your team by the end of the first week.

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