Comparative Planetology: Materials

After you complete the pre-course requirements (Trial Module), you will need to order your text:


The Cosmic Perspective
Jeffrey Bennett, etal, Second Edition, 2002, Addison Wesley


Additional Text Recommended for Enrichment:

The New Solar System, 4th Edition
edited by J. Kelly Beatty and Andrew Chaikin, 1999, Sky Publishing Corp.



Upon initial registration, you should receive 2 disks containing MSULink communications software - this is client software called "First Class," from Softarc, and must be installed on your computer in order for you to take part in the course.

Additionally, you will need to download software from the Internet. You will need:

Scion Image

This can be downloaded by clicking the link above, and following it to obtain the software for your particular computer. You will need to register to get the software, but it is free. Alternatively, there may be a copy that can be downloaded from MSUlink Resources. If you are running a Macintosh , you will need to use:

NIH Image, for MacIntosh.

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