Module 1: Perspectives


1. We sort images of the Solar System. From the image page, choose (a) three images to evaluate in detail, and (b) 8-10 additional images to sort into groups (you may do more if you wish).
When choosing and sorting the images, try to sort by the characteristics of what is in the images, not by the characteristics of the picture (i.e., don't sort by size of the image, color/B&W, or "camera angle" please. You may wish to use these qualities in choosing images, for example, choosing only B&W images.

2. List your first three images by number and describe what you see in them. The instructions on the web site may assist you in this. (Turn in these descriptions as part of your homework.)

3. Using all the images you have chosen, sort them into groups. You may need to try several arrangements before you find one that satisfies you. There is no right answer, but some groupings may give clues to some underlying science.

4. Turn in your groupings as part of your homework, using the following format for each group:

(a) Designation of the group (these can be letters or numbers, or a descriptive name).

(b) Members of the group (list by number).

(c) Criteria used to determine the members of a group. Please describe these so that someone else, given the criteria and the images, could re-create your groups.

(d) Comments (if you think your groups show some underlying science, or if you need to justify the placement of an image that's questionable, you may do so here).

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