Answer two of the following three questions

Question #1: Imagine that you are examining two blocks, a steel block and a Styrofoam block, of the same mass that are at different temperatures and are both sitting outside on a very, very cold night (less than 0 degrees C). The Styrofoam block has an initial temperature of 100 degrees C while the steel block is initially at a temperature of 60 degrees C.

A. Which object will initially be giving off more heat? Explain your reasoning?

B. Which object will initially be giving off more infrared light? Explain your reasoning?

C. After a very long time has passed would your answers to the previous two questions change? If so how will they change? Explain your reasoning.

Question #2: Consider the statement made by the student below regarding the possibility for life on Venus.

"Although Venus seems like an inhospitable place for humans I think that it could host a variety of Earth's extremophiles. I think that Venus's average temperature of 748K and 90 bar atmosphere composed primarily of 70 to 90 percent sulfuric acid provides the conditions necessary for at least three different types of extremophiles."

State whether or not you agree with the statement made by the student above regarding the possibility of life on Venus. Explain the reasoning behind your decision. If you agree with the student, what life forms from Earth could exist on Venus. If you disagree, state why you think the student is wrong.

Question #3: There appears to be only one environmental condition that all life on Earth requires. What is it? Why is it that life on Earth requires this environmental condition.? Explain your reasoning in detail. Describe the relationship between one or two life form and their environment, that exemplify this requirement.