Assignments for WEEK 1

Weekly Objective(s):

  • Identify and explain the importance of NASA's goals for Astrobiology program.


Reading Assignment:


Lab Activity:

  • There is no lab activity assigned this week


Homework Assignments:

  • Assignment # 1: Respond to the following questions, in approximately 300 words:
    1. Which of the 10 Goals do you feel is the most important? Why?
    2. Which of the 10 Goals do you feel is the least important? Why?
  • Assignment #2: Write a critique of the homework #1 response provided by the student whose last name precedes yours in your discussion group. You should not emphasize spelling or grammatical issues but rather focus on asking clarifying or probing questions that require the author to think critically about their responses. Your response should be approximately 300 words.


Study & Discussion Questions:

Introduce yourself to the class. Lets us know your preferred name, where you teach, what you teach, what your science background is, why you are taking the class, and info on general interests and hobbies.

Then, answer the study and/or discussion questions for Chapter 1 as assigned by the instructor.