Assignments for WEEK 3

Weekly Objective(s):

  • Identify Astrobiology topic and activity content goals to be used for the first Curriculum Development Project.
  • Select the lab activity and dates for the Field Test Project.


Reading Assignment:

  • Read Chapter #4 (pgs. 54 to 71) and Chapter #5 (pgs. 72 to 92) of Jakosky


Homework Assignments:

  • Assignment #5: Choose an astrobiology topic area that your group will focus on for the first Curriculum Development Project (CDP). Consider the following questions:
    1. What are the main content goals your activity is intended to teach?
    2. What is the general thread of activities that you will use to promote student engagement and understanding of your topic.
  • Assignment #6: Select the Lab topic (from the labs that you will do this semester) and schedule the dates for your Field Test and Implementation Notes Project.


Lab Activity:

  • There is no lab activity assigned this week


Study & Discussion Questions:

Share ideas about your first CDP with your group. Once your group reaches consensus, send your instructor a message stating who will be in your group and what the specific topic of your reading assignment will be. Your contributions to this discussion will be the basis for your grade this week. Each group should work on creating a unique reading activity, therefore there will not be any duplicate topics allowed. The topics will be approved on a first come first serve basis.

Then, answer the study questions for Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 as assigned by your instructor.