Assignments for WEEK 4

Weekly Objectives:

  • Develop reading comprehension questions at the synthesis level using the Jakosky Astrobiology text.
  • Identify extreme environments on Earth where microbial life exists.
  • Compare and contrast extreme environments on Earth to other environments found in the solar system.

Reading Assignment:

  • Read Chapter #6 (pgs. 93 to 109) and Chapter #7 (pgs. 110 to 118) of Jakosky


Homework Assignment:

  • Assignment #7: Conceptual questions in astrobiology are hard to find. Create two homework questions over the reading that has been assigned up through this week. Make sure that each of the questions is structured in such a way that the reader is not able to simply answer with a line out of the text of the book. Rather, create questions that require the reader to apply and reason about the knowledge that they are to have gained through the reading. Try to think of a physical situation that you can use to frame your question. (Note, questions and answers are due by 6:00 p.m. on Thursday)


Lab Activity:


Study & Discussion Questions:

Then, answer the study questions for Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 as assigned by your instructor.