Assignments for WEEK 5

Weekly Objectives:

  • Explain how remote sensing allows scientists to gather data about other places in the Solar System and universe.
  • Identify and match unknown spectra to known line spectra from a catalog.
  • Describe how false color images and line spectra are used to gather information about the temperature and chemical composition of other worlds to infer the possibility of life outside of Earth.


Reading Assignment:

  • Read Chapter #8 (pgs. 119 to 141) and Read Chapter #9 (pgs. 142 to 159) of Jakosky


Homework Assignment:

  • Assignment #8: Answer two of the questions proposed by students for last weeks HW assignment #7 (Note: Due by 6 p.m. on Thursday)


Lab Activity:


Study & Discussion Questions:

Then, answer the study questions for Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 as assigned by your instructor.