Assignments for WEEK 7

Weekly Objectives:

  • Explain how living organisms have adapted to life in extreme environments.
  • Investigate the diversity of organic life in extreme environments.
  • Identify the processes by which organisms interact with their environments.
  • List the types and species of organisms according to which extreme environments they live in.


Reading Assignment:

  • Read Chapter # 12 (pgs. 192 to 207) and Chapter # 13 (pgs. 208 to 227) of Jakosky


Homework Assignments:

  • Assignment #10: By examining the amount of different isotopes in an object it is possible to estimate its age and whether or not biological activity is taking place. Describe in detail how the amounts of isotopes are used to make these determinations.


Lab Activity:


Study & Discussion Questions:

Then, answer the study questions for Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 as assigned by your instructor.