Assignments for WEEK 9

Weekly Objectives:

  • Explain how the gravitation interaction between from planets and stars cause a star's orbit to wobble.
  • Calculate the location of the center of mass for a two-body system.
  • Make inferences about planetary bodies given stellar and orbital characteristics.
  • Gain experience with using the Doppler method to find extra-solar planets.


Reading Assignment:

  • Read Chapter #16 (pgs. 260 to 275) and Chapter #17 (pgs. 276 to 292) of Jakosky


Homework Assignment

  • Assignment #12: Choose an astrobiology topic that your group will focus on for the second (of two) class activity of the Curriculum Development Project (CDP). What are the main content goals your activity is intended to teach? Describe the general thread of activities that you will use to promote student engagement and understanding of your topic.


Lab Activity:


Study & Discussion Questions:

Then, answer the study questions for Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 as assigned by your instructor.