Assignments for WEEK 11

Weekly Objectives:

  • Explain the relationship between stellar mass and luminosity.
  • Describe how stellar characteristics influence the potential for finding complex life forms on orbiting planets.


Reading Assignment:

  • There is no reading assignment this week


Homework Assignment:

  • No specific homework activity is assigned this week.
  • Use this time to work on CDP#2


Lab Activity:


Study & Discussion Question(s):

Discuss your experiences with using the lab materials in the classroom. Consider all aspects of this topic, including:

  • How did the students responded to the instructional strategies, the content and so on?
  • How did your involvement as instructor work?
  • What would you change about the lab you used or what would you do differently?

This kind of discussion helps curriculum developers understand how materials actually get implemented and how they work in the real classrooms of America.