This color picture of the limb of the Earth, looking north past Antarctica, is a mosaic
     of 11 images taken during a ten-minute period near 5:45 p.m. PST Dec. 8, 1990,
     by Galileo's imaging system. Red, green and violet filters were used. The picture
     spans about 1,600 miles across the south polar latitudes of our planet. The morning
     day/night terminator is toward the right. The South Pole is out of sight below the
     picture; the visible areas of Antarctica are those lying generally south of South
     America. The violet-blue envelope of Earth's atmosphere is prominent along the
     limb to the left. At lower left, the dark blue Amundsen Sea lies to the left of the
     Walgreen and Bakutis Coasts. Beyond it, Peter Island reacts with the winds to
     produce a striking pattern of atmospheric waves.