Writing and Design


Putting Together an Effective Brochure

Brochure Checklist

Many of the items in this list are optional. You must decide which ones are appropriate for your brochure.

For evaluation place a number in the blank to rate the effectiveness of the brochure.

1 = No, not at all  2 = About average  3 = Yes, very much




Name of Location, Business or Organization. 


Phone Number. 

Fax Number. 

E-mail Address. 

Web Page Address. 

2. Headline that creates curiosity, states a major benefit, or otherwise entices the reader to open and read your brochure. 
3. Headline that states the name of the Product, Project, or Described Process. 
4. Subheadings.
5. Short, easy to read blocks of text. 
6. Lists. Charts.
7. Key Benefits ( 2-3)
8. Features.
9. Instructions, steps, parts (for a procedure, to assemble a product, etc.) 
10. Biography (of business owner, key members of organization, officers, etc.). 
11. Mission Statement.
12. History.
13. Logo.
14. Graphic Image(s). (including purely decorative elements)
15. Photographs of product, place, people. 
16. Diagram, flow chart. 
17. Map. 
18. Call to Action (What you want the reader to do: call, visit, fill out a form, etc.)