Resources for Brochure Projects


  Suggested Minimum Resources
  • Collection of brochures from family, friends, local businesses. (Travel brochures and brochures from local clubs are good examples for Lesson 1; instruction booklets for watches, assembly instructions for small toys, and brochures from your local utility company explaining water conservation practices, etc. are good examples for Lesson 2) 
  • Brochure design books and portfolios (optional). 
  • Classroom or Library Reference Materials. 
  • Access to Internet Resources (optional). 
  • Page Layout Software with Brochure Templates if possible (see online resources below). 
  • Scanner, clip art books, graphics software (optional). 
  • Plain or color paper, staples (if doing booklet style brochures). 
  • Laser or ink jet printer able to handle chosen paper stock. 
Additional Online Resources
Word Processing software (shareware) at Softseek, many of them advanced enough to handle brochures and other more complicated layouts (DOS and Windows). 
Page Layout and Graphics programs including many shareware and freeware DOS and Windows products listed at Softseek. 
Demo version of QuarkXpress a page layout program for the Mac
The PrintShop PressWriter education edition of Win95 program for brochures, resumes, fliers, and more. 
The Print Shop education edition for Mac and Windows does newsletters, signs, banners, etc. 
Desktop Publishing products from Serif for Windows
Writing and Design
Brochures Resource List in Desktop Publishing at The Mining Company contains links to brochure portfolios and design tips. 
How to create a sales brochure describes types of brochures and how to write and design an effective brochure. 
The Effective Brochure, a checklist 
Putting Together an Effective Brochure