Moon Myths Page 

Students: Choose one or more myths to research.  Use resources found on the Moon resource page, or search the web using many different search engines to find the necessary information to complete your quest. 

Myth: The Moon is made of cheese!Piece of cheese 

Myth:There is a Man in the Moon.   

Myth:The Moon and the Sun chase each other across the sky. 

Myth:The Moon disappears during certain days of the month.Walking alien 

Myth:There are men or other creatures living on the Moon. 

Myth:The Moon was put in the sky by a person or animal. 

Myth:The Moon is a living creature or a god. 

Myth:The Moon controls how we act and how we feel.Rotating face in the Moon 

Myth:During a full moon, some people turn into werewolves. 

Myth:The Moon is pulled across the sky by a person, animal, or force.