This color image of Io was created by combining the color channels of the low resolution
USGS Voyager controlled color mosaic with Tayfun Oner's high resolution Galileo
mosaic. The brown, orange areas are probably covered by sulphur or a mixture
containing sulphur. The light areas may be sulphur dioxide snow and the pock-marks are
mostly volcanic calderas up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) across. Mountainous regions
exist near both poles, with some features rising 8 kilometers (5 miles) or more above
their surroundings. (Courtesy A.Tayfun Oner)

This image is Copyrighted 1997 by Calvin J. Hamilton. Permission is granted to use
this image at home for personal enjoyment. Educators may use this image in their class
rooms. Any commercial/for-profit use of this image needs to be addressed to Calvin J.