NASX 491: Activism & Indigeneity: A Comparative Study

Credits: 3

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NASX 491/591 Activism & Indigeneity: A Comparative Study (co-convening course) Ma ka hana ka´ike, In doing, one learns. A course built in activism to empower the next generation of community leaders. Join us for history in indigenous-led activism with a heavy emphasis on personal projects and self-sustainability. ´a´ole i pau ka ´ike i ka hālau ho´okahi, All knowledge is not found in just one school.

The course provides an opportunity, especially for students who are oriented toward activism and learning from Indigenous traditions, to apply lessons from historical examples of positive change to contemporary conditions, while also becoming culturally attuned to a variety of indigenous and other place-based communities (each others' as well as those portrayed in required reading and viewing assignments). Fully engaged students will come away from this course with a deep historical grounding in how 'grassroots' (carefully defined) activism has worked across a variety of cultures, times and places; and, students will take away a set of tools (e.g., in understanding the arts of protest, lobbying, legislative reform, etc.) for cultivating positive change in and with their own or adopted communities.