NASX 552: Indigenous Nations of Montana

Credits: 3

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This course provides a graduate level introduction to Montana’s contemporary Indigenous Nations, and provides a summary overview of Montana’s PaleoIndian prehistory and post-contact history. This examination consists of both an exploration of the traditional culture and history of each of Montana’s tribes, and a strong focus on the contemporary life and issues pertinent to each tribe. Topics explored include contemporary legal and social relationships and issues between MT’s sovereign tribes and the state of Montana.

The course is put in context with an introductory week, presenting the Paleoindian prehistory of Montana, with an overview of the archaeological record, followed by a week summarizing the postcontact history of Montana. Week three will require a synchronous webinar-style class meeting with MSU Librarians Mary Anne Hansen and Sheila Bonnand, who will introduce and explain the online library resources available to enrolled students. These webinar classes will include participation by several Montana tribal college librarians. In the subsequent weeks, we will study the eleven tribes resident on Montana reservations, as well as the Little Shell, who are without a federally recognized homeland, starting in the East with the Nakoda (Assiniboine), and working our way around the state clockwise, finishing up with the A’aninin (White Clay), in the North. The class will conclude with a review of State vs. Tribe sovereignty issues, and student final project presentations.