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A minimum of 30 credits:

  • 27 credits course work from 400/500 level courses
  • 3 credits professional paper requirement

Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)


The flexible and interdisciplinary nature of this program allows you to select courses to fit your professional goals and interests.

Marni Rolston, the LRES program manager, will assign you an advisor to help you with course selection. Contact Marni at (406) 994-2029 or mrolston@montana.edu.

Required Course

Students will successfully complete:

LRES575Professional PaperEvery Semester3Online


Students will successfully complete 27 credits selected from:

AGSC401Integrated Pest ManagementFall (alt yrs odd)3Online
ENTO510Insect EcologySpring (alt yrs odd)3Online
LRES507Environmental Risk AssessmentFall (alt yrs even)3Online
LRES510Biodiversity Survey and Modeling MethodsSummer & Fall3Online & Campus
LRES515Microbial EcologySpring3Online
LRES521Holistic Thought and ManagementSpring3Online
LRES531Applied Watershed HydrologyFall3Online
LRES532Soil Ecosystems and ProcessesFall3Online
LRES533Wetland Ecology and ManagementSpring3Online
LRES534Environmental Data AnalysisFall & Spring3Online
LRES536Ecology of Invasive Plants IISummer1Online
LRES540The Ecology of Plants and Plant CommunitiesFall3Online
LRES544Water QualitySpring3Online
LRES565Environmental BiophysicsFall3Online
LRES566Chemical EcologySpring (alt yrs even)3Online
LRES569Ecology of Invasive Plants in the Greater Yellowstone EcosystemSummer2Campus
LRES571Landscape and Ecosystem EcologySpring3Online
LRES573Remote Sensing Applications in Environmental ScienceFall3Online
LRES591Restoration Ecology & ApplicationsSummer3Online & Campus
LRES592Independent Study/InternshipEvery Semester3Online
LRES598InternshipEvery Semester3Online
MB527Toxicology: The Basic Science of PoisonsSpring (alt yrs even)3Online
PSPP546Herbicide PhysiologyFall (alt yrs even)3Online

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