Bozeman, MT
Jun 22-Jun 26, 2015
Credit: 2 graduate
Tuition & Fees: $682.00
Instructor(s): Robyn Klein

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Course Description

A field oriented study of the flowering plants of Montana with an emphasis on plant keying skills.

Objectives are:
  • to identify the parts of flowering plants and become familiar with botanical terms
  • to learn morphological characteristics of common plant families
  • to learn how to use a plant key to successfully identify flowering plants
  • to apply plant identification skills to the classroom
Discussion will emphasize application of these skills and botanical texts to the classroom.

Physical Fitness Requirement:
Field trips require walking up to 2 miles on moderate slopes.

Equipment List for Flowering Plants of the Northern Rocky Mountains.
You will be provided:
  • small plastic metric ruler
  • 10x plant lens
  • set of handouts
Time Commitment: 8-10 hrs/day

Meeting Place and Times

Class: MT 9:00 am - 4:00 pm in Plant Growth Center, Room 214
Field Trips: WRF 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Robyn Klein. Department of Plant Science and Plant Pathology, Montana State University


Graduate standing.

Target Audience

Restricted Entry for Science Educators

Tuition and Fees

 Program Fee $142.00
 Computer Fee$7.00
 Distributed Learning Fee$0.00

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Required Books/Materials

  • Plant Identification Terminology: An Illustrated Glossary by Harris, James and Harris, Melinda. Spring Lake Publishing.
    ISBN: 978-0964022164

The textbook is available from Montana State University Bookstore at 1-888-247-2546. Ask to speak with the Textbook Department. It will expedite your order if you tell the sales representative:

  • the course number (PSPP 548)
  • the title of the text
  • that the course is offered through Extended University.

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contact Diana Paterson at or 406-994-5679.

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