Aug 27-Dec 14, 2018
Credit: 3 graduate
Instructor(s): Tonya Robinson

Course Description

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This course explores a range of conceptual foundations that created the mythicized semblance of “Native America”. Focusing on Indigenous knowledges and theories, students will critically examine the interrelationship between colonialism and sovereignty and how they affect identity and self-determination for Native peoples. Content will focus on Indigenous decolonization & resilience through art, film, literature, and theory.

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Tonya Robinson, MLS. Tonya has been involved in nonprofit management and various forms of resource development for close to two decades. She has extensive experience with grantsmanship including proposal planning, proposal preparation, proposal submission, grant award management, proposal writing training, and proposal evaluation. She has served as a grant reviewer/panel chairperson for a wide range of federal, state and private/corporate foundations, including those specific to tribal/Native American/Alaskan Native/Native Hawaiian funding opportunities. She is also a Doctoral Candidate in the American Studies program at Montana State University (major field: American Literature; supporting area: Native American Studies). Her research concerns intersections of cultural production and environmental degradation, as well as historic and contemporary Native issues.

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10-12 hours per week. If you are unfamiliar with this field of study and/or method of delivery, you may require more time.

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