Sample Conventional Assessment 
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  Match each of the following lettered terms with its numbered description below.  

A. Kepler’s First Law - The Law of Ellipses  
B. Kepler’s Second Law - The Law of Equal Areas  
C. Kepler’s Third Law - The Harmonic Law  
D. Newton  
E. foci  
F. hyperbola  
G. parabola  
H. eccentricity  
I. ellipse  

_____ 1. The scientist who identified orbits of planetary bodies as conic sections.  

_____ 2. All planets move in elliptical paths, with the sun at one  focus.  

_____ 3. The shape created by slicing a cone perpendicular to its bottom.  

_____ 4. An elongated oval shape.  

_____ 5. The closer a planet is to what the sun, the greater its velocity.  

_____ 6. A numerical representation of how elongated an ellipse is.  

_____ 7. The shape created by slicing a cone parallel to the opposite side.  

_____ 8. The line joining a planet to the sun sweeps out equal areas in equal times.  

_____9. For every point lying on an ellipse, the sum of the distances to these two points is the same.  



1. D  
2. A  
3. F  
4. I  
5. C  
6. H  
7. G  
8. B  
9. E