Modern Moon Stories 

One night when the moon was out he was watching everybody.  I was having my  birthday.  I looked out the window and the moon was bright, but it was the waning crescent.  I was happy because I smiled at the moon and it smiled back!  I had to go back to my party and I waved at the moon and the moon waved back.
     - Fran  2nd. grade

Thoughts about what the moon looked like when I was born.  - I think it was waning because the moon gave me his health which reduced his size.  The moon was skinny because it is actually God's smile. 
     - Greg  2nd. grade

On the day I was born my moon was full.  It looked at me and said, "Wow! What a beautiful baby!"  "I want to be a hat for her." 
     - Grace  2nd. grade

One time there was a Moon and a Sun.  They were good friends until the Sun  got too close to the Moon and burned the Moon.  The Moon got so mad that one day he ripped a piece of the Sun and put it on himself.  Then they had a fight and they both exploded.  That is why a piece of the Moon became stars and made night.  The Sun's punishment is going down every day. 
     - Ty 2nd. grade

One day the Moon was jealous of the Sun.  It had all the light.  The Moon made a ladder to Earth.  He saw a fox walking by the ladder and yelled at his to come up.  The Moon said, "Bring me some shiny rocks, please, so I can be bright.  The fox said he would.  The Moon was happy forever. 
     - Charles  2nd. grade

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Joe.  He thought that the Moon was a big piece of cheese.  One time he went to his front yard when it was very dark.  He pulled the Moon out of the sky.  It was a waning crescent so he stretched it out to a full Moon.   It was much brighter then. 
     - Joe  2nd. grade

When I was born, my Mom took me to the window.  The Moon saw me the day I was born.  The Moon decided to be a little cradle for me to sleep in.  I saw the crescent and I was scared.  I cried so hard. 
     - Kay  2nd. grade 

One time there were three animals, a jaguar, a snake and a vulture.  The snake and the vulture argued over the Moon.  The snake wanted to eat the Moon because it looked so good.  The vulture wanted to hide the Moon or steal it away so it would be safe from the snake.  Their friend, the jaguar, talked to them and tried to get them to come to an agreement.  The snake and the vulture still disagreed.  The jaguar took the Moon to a dark, dark, scary cave.  Doing this made it very dark outside.  The snake and the vulture were mad then at the jaguar.  The vulture and the snake had to work together to go in the dark, scary cave to get the Moon.
Even now at night, sometimes it looks as if the snake has eaten some of the Moon.  And at other times, it looks as if the vulture must have hidden the Moon because we cannot see it in the sky.
     - Class story composed by 1-MC                   

Once there were animals arguing about the Moon and the Sun.  They argued about which should be in the sky.  The cat, cow, deer, and fox could not decide which should be up there.  They decided to have a race from the woods up to the sky.
The dog won the race, getting to the Moon first.  He took the Moon so it would be a new Moon when he had it down on Earth with him.  He made up a song for all the animals to sing called the "Moon Jam."

     - Class story composed by 1-SC