Creature Characteristics

# 1: Respiration

a. uses oxygen (much like humans/animals)
b. uses methane gas
c. uses sulfur dioxide
d. does not respire
e. uses carbon dioxide (much like plants)

# 2: Temperature

a. lives in very cold environments (like Antarctica)
b. lives in very hot environments (like desert, volcanoes, or hot springs)
c. lives in a temperate environment

# 3: Surroundings

a. lives mainly in water
b. lives mainly on land
c. lives in a liquid other than water
d. lives in an acidic/basic environment

# 4: Light Requirements

a. needs little or no sunlight to live
b. relies on sunlight to live

# 5: Food Source

a. eats other organisms as its food source
b. can make its own food from the sun
c. can make its own food from other sources, like minerals in the soil

# 6: Other

a. has the ability to dig
b. can run very fast like the roadrunner
c. can change colors
d. has a keen sense of smell and sight