Environment Characteristic

# 1: Atmosphere

a. none
b. methane gas
c. carbon dioxide gas
d. sulfur dioxide gas
e. oxygen gas

# 2: Temperature

a. very hot (like in a desert or volcano)
b. temperate (moderate temperatures year round)
c. very cold (like in Antarctica)

# 3: Surroundings

a. primarily water (like an ocean)
b. very acidic/basic
c. mainly land (no lakes/oceans/etc.)
d. consists of methane lakes/molten lava

# 4: Light

a. little to no sunlight
b. abundant sunlight

# 5: Food Source

a. mineral/nutrient rich soil
b. barren soil (no nutrients)
c. sunlight
d. no plant life/organisms
e. plant life/organisms present
f. no sunlight

# 6: Other

a. fast predators
b. soft ground
c. multi-colored terrain
d. dimly lit, hard to find your prey