Activity 2: Planning the Mission

A. Given the following data, determine how long it will take your space ship to travel from Earth to Mars.

(Hint: Use the distance formula of distance traveled = speed * time)

Distance from Earth to Sun: 1.5 x 108 km
Distance from Mars to Sun: 2.3 x 108 km
Maximum speed of ship: 3.05 x 103 km/hr

Minimum Time to get to Mars:________________(in hours)

________________(in years)

B. As you have discovered, the entire round trip mission will take several years so it is critical to choose your mission's crew very carefully. From the following list of occupations, create a crew of 6 members. Be sure to discuss why each occupation selected is important. Record your group's reasoning for each choice. If there is an occupation you feel is needed that is not listed, you may include it in your crew as long as you provide the reasoning supporting your choice.

Doctor Politician Writer/Journalist Cook
Teacher Physicist Lawyer  
Dentist Biologist Construction Worker  
Mathematician Chemist Artist  
Banker Pilot Historian  
Athlete Astronomer Priest  
Engineer Mechanic Actor  
Plumber Electrician Geologist  

Mission Crew:







C. It's difficult to pack everything you need for a long vacation here on Earth, let alone a whole trip to Mars where one has to try and keep an entire crew alive in space for years at a time. What supplies and environmental conditions do you feel are necessary to have on board your space ship in order to survive the voyage to Mars? Compile a list of the 10 most important supplies/conditions. For each supply/condition, give a brief explanation as to why it is important.





D. As a class, compare and discuss your responses for C and D. Come up with a top 10 class list for each question.

Top 10 Occupations
Top 10 Supplies/Conditions






E. As a result of your class discussion for question D would you change your answers for questions B and C? If yes, how and why? If no, why not?