Martian Historical Notes

The Writing Process

The writing process has been described in a number of different steps or phases. For the purpose of this guide, three large steps are used, planning, drafting and polishing.


Planning- Plan as a group.

  1. What is the topic of our writing?
  2. Who is our audience? What will be interesting to them?
  3. What do we want to accomplish by writing about this topic
    (e.g., convey information, persuade policy makers, etc.)?

Drafting- Write the draft as a group.

  1. What ideas or thoughts will we include?
  2. How will we organize the material?
  3. How will we introduce, develop and conclude our first draft?
  4. What will the title of our article be? (A clever title can help ensure a large readership!)

Polishing- Get feedback from other students, your teacher, and your parents.

Polishing refers to the process of editing and revising based on an evaluation of the writing. It is the hard work that a writer devotes to a piece of writing that is likely to reach a wide audience and serves as a reflection of oneself.

The questions that you should ask themselves as they proceed through the polishing stage are:

  1. How can the responses from others improve our paper?
  2. What new ideas do we have for the paper?
  3. What information should we add or delete?
  4. Have we corrected all spelling and grammatical errors?