Martian Mission Team

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  You are the the group that specializes in NASA's Missions to Mars. Find information about how many missions NASA has sent to Mars and what each mission's goals and capabilities were. Then report this data for incorporation into the Martian Travel Guide.
Team Tasks Team Manager
Missions of the Past
Missions of the Present 
Missions of the Future
Team Questions
  • What were the names of the NASA Martian Missions? 
  • What were goals of each mission? 
  • Which data monitoring instruments were available on each mission?
  • What data did the instruments collect?
  • How has that data helped us understand more about the planet Mars?
  • What was the most important knowledge gained from each mission?
  • What information would/will be useful on future missions?
Team Action Plan
  • Define your roles.
  • Write up a plan of action for your project.
  • Decide each team member's responsibilities.
  • How much time do you have?
  • What deadlines do you need to meet?
  • What materials do you need?
  • How do you plan to manage the materials?
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