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Maps and Photographs: 

Another map of the Moon (86.7 KB) 

Great photographs of the Moon  

Clementine images of the Moon  

Pages with some Moon facts:   
Star Child: Level one 

Star Child: Level two 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lunar Prospector and the Moon  

History of the Moon 

The physical Moon and its history  

Moon Facts  

Phases of the Moon pages: 

Space Academy - Contains a few facts and a quick phases of the moon applet that shows the moon for any day from January 1st, 1990 to December 31st, 2019.  

Star Child: Moonlight Madness - an on-line phases of the moon quiz: may be a little advanced for K-3.  

Lunar Outreach Services - contains information about the dates and times of New Moons, First Quarters, Full Moons and Last Quarters from 1923-2084.  

Phases of the Moon for the current month.  

Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures for any date between the years 1800 and 2199.  

Moon Myths: 

Windows to the Universe - Almost one dozen myths from different cultures around the world.  

Native American Moon Myths:  

The Moon Spirit and Coyote Woman written by Clive Grace.  

The Toad and the Hare 

Moon Lore - several short myths and legends concerning the Moon.  

Man in the Moon Myths  
Why the Moon is out at Night - A myth written by a 5th grade student from Pennsylvania.  

Moon Mythology - Lists several names of stories about the Moon from different cultures.  

Myths and Legends - Contains several myths about several topics concerning several cultures.  

The Great Moon Hoax of 1835  

Poem about the Cheese Moon 


General Moon and Solar System Pages: 

NASA Moon page - information about all NASA and Russian lunar missions, including the Apollo moon landings.  

Cheryl Robertson's whole Moon page  

Lunar Outreach Services 

Star Child 

Native American Starlore