Student Roles for Moonquest!
Fact Finders
Graphic Designers
Mission Specialists

As a historian, your task will be to find out the information concerning your assigned myth from the myths page.  You are to discover where the myth came from.  This means you are to discover what culture first created the myth, other cultures that may have had similar myths, and each of the stories from these cultures concerning the myth. 

Fact Finders:
The fact finder's job is to dispute the assigned myth from the myths page.  You are to discover the truth that clearly shows the myth to be false.  You are to find out when these facts were discovered, what scientist(s) was/were the first to find out the truth, and what impact that truth had on society. 

Graphic Designers:
It is your duty to create a presentation from the information found by the Historians and the Fact Finders.  This presentation can be made in a variety of ways.  The information can be presented in a brochure, a booklet, or even a multimedia presentation using the computer!  Use your imagination to design the most creative presentation possible!  You will also be working with the reporters, since they must present this information to the class. 

Your job is to report the findings of the Historians and the Fact Finders to the class.  You will work with the Graphic Design team to create a presentation that's out of this world.  How you make the presentation is limited only by your imagination: You can use graphs, charts, overheads, computer graphics, etc. 

Mission Specialists:
You are to be the prognosticators.  It will be your job to see into the future and speculate on what is to come.  You should answer questions such as these:
  1. When and how will we be traveling to the Moon in the future?
  2. Will we ever live on the Moon?  Why or why not?  If we do, when will the colonization begin? 
  3. What necessary steps will have to be taken in order for us to colonize the Moon? 
  4. Do vast deposits of minerals lie undiscovered on the Moon?  What kinds of minerals will we be mining in the future? 
Use NASA facts and previous missions to support your arguments. 

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