Pittsburg State University -- Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory

Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory 

In 1992, Pittsburg State University bought a 61m Cassegranian telescope, previously owned by New Mexico State University. It is at an altitude of 300 meters. This research-grade telescope will be used significantly to expand education, research, and community programming for Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri school districts. Such a facility will provide unparalleled opportunities for elementary and secondary students in astronomy, as well as serve as a unique environment for ongoing teacher training. 

School districts joining the project will benefit from a range of services and programs, including specialized evening observatory field trips for students and staff scheduled around astronomical phenomena, training programs addressing astronomy, space science, and effective instructional strategies for math and science instruction, and access to "live" day and nighttime images generated by the telescope. 

Telescope images can be viewed through a single eye piece or by way of large screen monitors. Cameras incorporated into the telescope will allow images to be transmitted through the Interactive Distance Learning network to area schools. 

Ultimately, with a combination of all of the above components project coordinators hope to increase student achievement and interest in pursuing math and science careers. 

line drawing of telescope
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