Keys to the Pictures:
Every Picture Tells a Story

Mystery picture 1 in the K-4 activity is a duck and a rabbit.

Mystery Picture 1 in the 5-12 activity is a man with a wreath of leaves and two lovers kissing beneath an arbor of leaves.

Mystery Pictures 2 and 3 are images taken on the planet Mars.  
The first seems to show a "raccoon" face.   
The second shows the same terrain from a different perspective and in different lighting conditions.  The lighting and angle of the first picture caused the hills to appear as holes, thus creating the "racoon" face image. 

*** News Note ***
 NASA images show Mars 'face' is just a hill
NASA released a new photograph of Mars showing the so-called "Face on Mars" is only a hill.  The image, taken by the Mars Surveyor circling the red planet, gave scientists the closest look yet at the surface feature that appears to resemble a human face.  The face in the Cydonia region of Mars had come to light after it appeared in pictures taken by the 1976 Viking mission.  Some scientists have speculated the "face" was not a one-mile long natural feature, but rather might be a monument surrounded by pyramids, suggesting some kind of life on Mars. But the recent image released put that theory to rest.  

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