Measuring Objects 
Activity 2 Student Task Card 
  1. The job assignments (one data recorder, two direction assistants, one presenter) in the cooperative groups should be changed from Activity 1.
  2. The group should select 9 classroom objects (doors, windows, flag, table top, etc.) to measure. 
  3. The group should select 3 items to use for measurement (i.e. plastic links, large and/or small paper clips, unit blocks, rulers ) 
  4. The direction assistants take turns making the measurements. 
  5. The recorder documents the data as the measurements are being taken. 
  6. Using images downloaded from 

  7. direction assistants and recorder continue with measuring and documenting data.  
  8. The group discusses the discoveries they made that are supported by the data collected. 
  9. Answer the following question: 

  10. Why does the same object have different measurements in this activity? 
  11. The group decides how to present the data to the class.
  12. The presenter makes the presentation. 
Extension activity: Based upon the data collected, arrange the planets in size order. 
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