Comparing the Size of the Earth to Other Planets 
Activity 3 Student Task Card 

For this activity, connect to: 

  1. Job assignments (one data recorder, two direction assistants, one presenter) in the cooperative groups should be changed from the previous activity.
  2. The first direction assistant makes the Internet connection and decides which image to click on. 
  3. The group decides which planet is larger. 
  4. The recorder marks the appropriate choice. 
  5. Continue steps 2, 3 and 4 until the table is complete. 
  6. The second direction assistant reads the directions for part B of the activity sheet.
  7. The group decides on the answer. 
  8. The recorder marks the answers. 
  9. Learners participate in Part C of the activity. 
  10. The recorder marks the answers. 
  11. The group discusses the discoveries they made that are supported by the data they collected. 
  12. The group decides how to present the data to the class. 
  13. The presenter makes the presentation. 
Activity Table of Contents