Activity Two:
Exploration: Measuring the size of a variety of objects
  Grade Level Content: K-1
  Processes: Observing, Communicating, Comparing
  Developmental Stages: Sensory Motor, Pre-Conceptual, Intuitive
Measure classroom objects including the globe (scale model) and large printout of the planets' images.  Planet images, comparing each planet with Earth, can be found by clicking on each link below:
Mercury Jupiter Neptune
Venus Saturn Pluto
Mars Uranus Solar System

More planet images (and mathematical ratios) can also be found on-line at:
( Atlas/size/Earth/

Measure using different units of measurement: (plastic links, large and small
paper clips, unit blocks, Unifix cubes, rulers, tape measures, string). 

Measuring Objects Activity 2 Worksheet
Measuring Objects Activity 2 Student Task Card