Activity Five: 
Exporation of Scale Models 
Grade Level Content: 3-5
Processes: Observing, Communicating,  
Developmental Stages: Sensory Motor, Pre-Conceptual, Intuitive,  
Discuss the concept of scale models.  

Use tiny toy cars, trucks, tractors,  Mars Rover, Space Shuttle, doll house furniture, and a globe to represent "scale models" of large objects.  

  • Which is larger/ taller? 
  • Which is smaller/shorter? 
  • Which are the same size?
(Be sure to include globes of different sizes if available)  

Using different units of measurement: (plastic links, large and/or small paper clips, unit blocks, Unifix cubes, rulers, tape measures, string), students measure the scale objects and the objects they represent if any are handy. ( Example: cars in the parking lot, chairs, tables etc.) 

Discuss how they are different in size from the objects they represent. 

Activity 5 Worksheet  
Activity 5 Student Task Card