Activity 8: Do We See the Signs of Life on Titan?

Examine the following images and then read the Titan Information Sheet.

Titan Image #1:

image of Titan

Titan Image #2:

surface of Titan

A. Which of the Titan images (#1 or #2) was taken with visible light and which was taken with infrared light? Explain your reasoning.




B. Which spectra from the Spectral Catalog do you think may have been used to produce the visible image? Draw and label the spectra below and explain your reasoning.







C. If the bright region on the infrared image turns out to be an ocean, would this ocean be the same as those found on Earth? What chemical spectra would be seen if we were able to directly observe this bright region in with visible light? Explain your reasoning.





D. Based on the provided information, is it likely that there is life on Titan? Explain why or why not.